Révélation de la sainte Vierge à Ste Mechtilde, moniale bénédictine au XIIIé siècle.

"I promise to assist you at the hour of death; but
you, recite three Hail Marys every day "

By the first, you will address yourself to God the Father , who, in his sovereign power, has exalted my soul to the point of giving me rank after him alone, in heaven and on earth.

You will ask him that I be present at the hour of death to comfort you and to drive away all opposing power from you.


By the second, you will address yourself to the Son of God who, in his unfathomable wisdom, endowed me with such fullness of knowledge and intelligence that I enjoy the Most Holy Trinity, in a knowledge superior to that of all saints.

You will also ask him that, by this light which makes me a sun bright enough to illuminate the entire sky, I fill your soul, at the hour of your death, with the lights of faith and science, and that you be protected against all ignorance and all error.


By the third, you will address yourself to Holy Spirit , who flooded me with his love, to give me such an abundance of sweetness and tenderness that only God has more than me. You will ask him that I be present at the hour of your death, to spread in your soul the sweetness of divine love. Thus you will be able to triumph over the pains and bitterness of death, to the point of seeing them turn into sweetness and joy

The Three Kings Ave Maria

before Saint Mechtilde?

The recitation of three Ave Maria in honor of the Blessed Virgin was already common well before the 14th century, it even dates back to apostolic times ...

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