As a couple, in collaboration with the rector of the Basilica of Trois Ave Maria in Blois, we are working to publicize the devotion of the 3 Ave Maria :

way to get the sky

means of conversion

mighty bulwark against evil

support for couples

invaluable help for families

support for vocations

help in discernment

patient support .....


We are editors of the Revue des Trois Ave

We are also looking for all the means conducive to making people love and practice this simple devotion which has changed our life as a couple ;

so you can now order in this comic on 3 Ave will come out in late November.


Today we take the family bike to come and meet you.

PREVENTE BD copie recto.jpg
Alix, Benoit et François-Xavier sur Tric
Tricyle Benoit.JPG
Sixte et Etienne.jpg

Here is a small presentation of the family:

Alix and Benoit we have been married since 2013; to our credit: a round-the- world trip in a lying tandem to find on

Sixte, our eldest was born in February 2016. to his credit in a cart behind us: Blois-Noirmoutier and ten days of cycling along the Danube.

Etienne, was born in November 2017.

to his credit in a cart behind us: ten days of cycling along the Danube.

François-Xavier, was born in February 2020.

Saved from birth by the prayer of the Three Ave., this will be his first bike trip.

Tricycle Benoit.png

Tricycle Benedict and Francis Xavier

The Alix, Sixte and Etienne bike